Look look im sorry for not updating my cite in a while, i just have no idea what to liek do wit hit anymore. like what to add and stuff ya know. But yeah i added like, the roll dice tool thing that i made like last week or somethin to the art section of my site. PLuss now im like a year older now, im 19 now so i think thats pretty cool ya know

summer school for me starts tomorrow, and im not shure how much free time ill have but whatever. i added a like recomendationds section to the cool and swag misc section of the website. Also i updated the art section to like, work on mobile because yeah thats cool, may or may not just go and do that with all the things at some point idk. OK ALSO I ADDED LIKE A ZOOM IN THING WHEN YOU HOVER OVER IMMAGES ON MY GALLERY THING!

i added a commision area to the art section, sadly i couldnt use trello with iframes but thats ok oppefully ppl will get that the (x) means it will open a new tab, also yeah im done with my first year of college, so thats cool

i am not exploiting the transition effect thing, makes animation simplier and easier, it may not be the best way to do it but it gets the job done ya know, also i did dthe funny and removed the big buttons on the home page, cause they were big and not nececaraly good ya know
also i added like 3d model section to the art section its neat :)

added this cool like, update thing, may or may not use it for like just site updates or like a jornal thing i guess