i made a cool little blinking thing to say when a page has been updated or whatever. i think its kinda cool. lets just see if i forget to update it lmao


added the goofy ass indie game refrence to the right of here :3


Added a side bar for patreon people, added a guest book, and starting adding the best things to happend to websites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
BUTTONS AND BLINKIES, I love them so much


Added the stuff for the gallery tab. and the stuff in the social link tab. For the media tab thing i had to use exactly 5 lines of javascrypt. so thats kinda cool i guess.
Didnt expect to post my site so early but yeah its live now. there may or may not be weird css issues and thats on neocities side dont worry about it


Added the Journal page, took me a while to figure out how to do that lmao


Started working on the site :3. has a more "normal design" for everything this time i think