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2022 CABL

A really neat thing happened today, both of the theings i orderd a while ago came on the same day! I think thats pretty cool :3.
I got my LTT backpack becasue the one that i used to use was more like a travel bag than a school bag yaknow. It would allways lean forward so it would allways fall over and kinda be a hassle to keep by a desk. Also it only had like one main section, and the zipper or it was like a lip to the section so it was all ways a hastle to get stuff in and out of it.
And the seccond thing that i got was like a cool new keyboard. idk i thihk its rather neat.
anyways now all i have to do for school is like this writing assignment thats due on the 20th. I thinkg its gona be kinda cool cause its basicaly a world building assignment for a class. And that world im gona be building is going to be used for my game or whatever i deside to do with it.
Any way hope that ends my spontanious purchases for now lol.
Ok so ive been playing this cool game thats from the ps1 that was recently ported to pc and switch and stuff called moon. Its aparently a game that inspired toby fox to make undertale in some ways. Mosyly just the idea that hey the rpg hero guy is like a asshole if you think abuot it lol.
I really love the artstyle alot! Theres alot of like 2d sprites and like 3d renderd backgounds and stuff. it may or may not have inspired petscop with it main like "catch" mechanic. Actually it defeantly inspired petsop with that. Idk its really inspired me to like make a game with that kind art stle or whatever.
anyway its really fun and on steam for only like 19$, i defenatly recomend it!
Ouuuuuugggh gosh i hate it when its time for me to work like 10 hours shifts, i hate them so much.
when i get home from work at 5:30pm, and it extra sucks because WHen i get home i still have stuff to do and i have midterm stuff to do and classes to study for. it really just takes all the energy out of me. and the thing is that its only going to get worse from here lol.
thank u capatalism :3
women moment!